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Val McLeod
Empowerment Strategist
Inspirational Speaker 

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The Weight is Over
As seen on ABC's Good Morning AmericaCNNHLN and featured in PEOPLE Magazine's 2014 "Half-Their-Size" issue, Val's amazing life-transforming success story is inspiring women, men and children around the globe.
Touching and Transforming Lives
Meet Val McLeod, a woman who believes anything is possible when you believe’.
Val admits to once weighing over 600 pounds…but look at her now!!!
I am delighted to announce my recent partnership with Delta to promote their healthy initiatives. We will use the purpose, power and principles of my amazing weight loss story to inspire, motivate and empower others to live a more wellness focused life. 
Imagine this: Val McLeod who once weighed over 600 pounds and could barely walk is an official partner & team captain for Delta's annual 5K scholarship run/walk! 
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